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About botX Company

Mr.Robert Clave

Founder of Botx

Botx was started in 2021 and Registered in United Kingdom. The nature of the business is technology, artificial intelligence, and trading. Botex started its own forex trading broker platform in 2023 and is expanding its business through affiliate marketing.

How do I start with BotX?

Follow the simple and easy steps to start with Botx. 

Register,Subscribe and Deposit

Register to the website using a referral link or sponsor code.

  • Pay a one-time fee of $20 to subscribe to the trading platform for lifetime free trading.
  • Choose your method of trading: AI Hedge or self-trade.
  • Deposit funds into the MT5 and start trading.

Become an affiliate partner

Share your referral link with your friends and family and invite them to join Botx.

  • Build your downline team to upgrade your rank position.
  • Earn regular income from Botx and live happily.
  • Participate in botx trading competitions to win prizes.

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